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The West Florissant Avenue Great Street Project is committed to providing area college students with meaningful and paid opportunities that help them on their career path. Meet our current interns and find out why they are excited to be part of the West Florissant Avenue Great Streets Project.

Chris Anderson

Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville, Electrical Engineering

I’m most excited about the renovation of West Florissant Avenue because it will bring more exposure to neighborhoods, business and school populations.

Curtis Collins

St. Louis Community College – Florissant Valley, Engineering Science

I’m most excited about the new look and feel that the project will give to the area. I’m also excited about the investment that is being made into the community and the sense of pride that will hopefully be experienced by the residents.

Jean Richard Kraka

Harris-Stowe State University, Mathematics/Civil Engineering

I’m most excited about new roads and sidewalks.

Diamond Cotton

St. Louis Community College, Civil Engineering

I am most excited about improving the area and making it better for the residents in Ferguson and Dellwood.

Mikal Smith

Harris-Stowe State University, Mechanical Engineering

I’m very excited to help begin adding better resources and better outlets for the youth in both areas.

Steven Lockett

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Electrical Engineering

What I am most excited about is that the project will increase the safety of those on the road as well as those on the sidewalks in these communities.