Plans & Designs

 West Florissant Avenue is in need of a reset. This Great Streets Project would do that by serving all of the community – pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, motorists, residents, business owners and patrons, and students. Whether people are local to the area or visiting, the project will create a high quality, safe experience for all users and draw investment to a corridor with tremendous potential. 

The West Florissant Avenue Project has been underway since 2013. More information about each phase of the project can be found below.

West Florissant Corridor Stripmaps

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Accepted Great Streets Preliminary Plans

Master Plan 2013-2014

The Master Plan planning process commenced in November 2013 and concluded June 2014. The planning team, along with robust community input from an advisory committee and several rounds of public meetings, came up with a vision framework and a list of recommendations and a project area that became the basis for the next phase.

Read the full West Florissant Avenue Master Plan (2014) here
Download the Executive Summary

Plans & Designs

Design Concept Phase 2016-2017

The West Florissant Avenue Great Streets Project Preliminary Design phase for Segments 3, 4 and 5 was completed in late 2017. The Project team developed 30% design plans that gave the community specific design options to review and provide feedback, allows for flexibility, and is required for federal funding applications.

During the Preliminary Design phase, the Project team used the Master Plan framework, data analysis, engineering surveys, and extensive public feedback to make design and implementation recommendations that will help the vision become a reality. 

The West Florissant Avenue Great Streets Project is also committed to workforce diversity and participation. Through December 2017, our diverse business enterprise (DBE) participation was 34%, well above our 23% project goal. The Project team includes 16% women and 22% minorities.